Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’ve been in business for many years and I’m doing well! Why would I consider using a Business Coach?

    The reason successful people remain successful is that they have the desire to improve and continue to grow. Because of this they welcome other input and perspective on what they are trying to accomplish. The ability to envision new ideas and perspectives is a valuable asset that a coach brings to the process.

  2. I’ve hired consultants before and was not happy with the results.

    We hear this often. Consultants and Coaches work very differently. A consultant usually has a pre determined approach to solve a problem and directs actions accordingly. A Coach will work with the people involved to identify the true source of the problem. Then he will help the participants to create their own solutions for success. Both Consultants and Coaches can be successful if in the appropriate situation and if expectations are clearly stated.

  3. I’m a brand new business and on a limited budget. Can I afford to use a Business Coach?

    Just starting out is when most of the crucial business mistakes and errors in judgment are made, usually from lack of accurate information… The average business owner spends much of his time and money battling the effects of poor financial and business decisions that were made sometimes before the business actually opened its doors. If we can work with a business from the planning stages or just after they begin doing business, we can have a dramatic effect in avoiding many of the strategic and tactical errors that are usually made. With regard to budget, we can accommodate almost all beginning entrepreneurs.

  4. My business is different and I’m the only one that can run it because of my Expertise!

    We understand why some business owners think this way. However this mind set creates a company that is fraught with problems and is very difficult to run. It also requires the business owner to be present all the time to make sure things are done properly and is usually is not as profitable as it could be. We believe a business can run well with out the constant presence and input of the owner. Also many business owners want to sell their businesses at some point in the future. Who would buy a business that they can not run? Who would want to deal with the constant stress of not being able to leave the business alone for fear of its collapse?

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