No matter how hard we try to communicate the value and benefits we provide to our potential clients, somehow our existing clients just know how to say it best. Here is what a few of our clients have said.

Our company is in the construction and engineering industry.

When we met Art Zavarella we thought we were making money and doing pretty well. We had millions of dollars in back logged work. Most of it was Public work.

When we started to examine things more closely we saw that we were losing money on most jobs and paying for it with profits from some good jobs and deposits from new work not yet started.

Art helped us uncover this and come up with a plan to stop the losses and move into a more profitable areas of work where we could make the margins our company needs.

It was frightening to think that we were headed toward bankruptcy and didn’t even know it.

It was a tough process to change the way we did business and reorganize ourselves to compete in a different way. It took us two years to make up our losses and the next 2 we have been building up nice profits each year.

Now we are hiring and growing when other companies like us are laying off people and posting losses.

We never thought there was help available for the small business owner. We always felt we must do it alone. I highly recommend the VisionScope business coaching program to all business owners.

Art showed us that there is a big difference between how to perform the work we do and managing a successful business.


“We have worked with Art from VisionScope for almost a year and a half. During that time, we have doubled our revenue, moved our office out of our home and into a terrific office space, and begun to document our most effective business processes. Those are just the most tangible benefits of working with VisionScope.


When you forget to be the entrepreneur you committed to being when you started your business, Art helps you refocus and connect with the vision of success he helped us develop. We would not be where we are today without having the guidance and support VisionScope provides.” — Owner of Boston Area Graphic Design Firm