How We Work

No matter how much enthusiasm you have for your company, you can’t hope to relax and run it well without the right business tools. You need to know how to develop and use a business plan, how to work efficiently on a daily basis, how to manage employees and sub-contractors, and how to sell your products or services. You also need to understand taxes, insurance, accounting, and legal issues. It’s a rare entrepreneur who has all these skills.

Small company specialists

Yet those who retain outside consultants are often disappointed and disillusioned by the lack of results they experience. This isn’t surprising. Traditional business advisors are trained to work with large corporations, not small companies. VisionScope, on the other hand, has always worked exclusively with small firms. And we believe that what makes them successful isn’t taught in business schools. Our knowledge comes from many years of working in the field with small businesses, and helping them get results that are often beyond their own expectations.

lmproving Incrementally

You need results that are incremental and cumulative to support the growth and success of your business. VisionScope has facilitated this kind of growth with hundreds of businesses over the years.

Our Meetings

We meet with clients every two weeks in a private telephone session for ninety minutes. Minimizing the customary restrictions of geography and time, business owners have grown to appreciate the advantages and flexibility of meeting before or after business hours and without traveling or preparing for an in person visit.


VisionScope leverages the benefits of video conferencing to focus more energy on growing your business.